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Chicharrón (Crackling?) # ezSql fails Insert «randomly» #

By Jose Antonio Cely Saidiza


This entry talk about ezSql,
Before, thanks for that great library, i work whith ezsql for 3 years!
I found small bug, where you have multiple database conections and/or classes. I write an small module for Drupal.
In my module, $db->query($sql) returns false «randomly» where INSERT, however the insert works fine, after hours of debug my work ( days :$ ), found the «bug» in the line 212 of ez_sql_mysql.php .

$this->rows_affected = @mysql_affected_rows();

lack link identifier!, change the line to:

$this->rows_affected = @mysql_affected_rows($this->dbh);

And works fine.

Hope that it helps.
Jose A. Cely

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